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Labyrinth Re-enactment

It’s not brand new, but it’s still amazing. Bowie and Sarah performed by the master of re-enactments, Brandon Hardesty.

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The Labyrinth – Original Ebert Review

On June 27, 1986, Roger Ebert reviewed the latest Jim Henson movie, The Labyrinth. You can read his review here: Ebert reviews the Labyrinth

Ebert generally pans the movie, pointing to a weak story that doesn’t match the mastery of the effects. He also comments that it’s better for a human to enter a muppet world, than for muppets to be part of the ‘real’ world.

Obviously I disagree or I wouldn’t be running this site. Still, it’s interesting to see a contemporary review that corresponds with the fact that the movie tanked at the box office.

My favorite part though is that Ebert confuses the names Hoggle and Toby:

One of the key characters in this film is Toby (played by Toby Froud). Froud is a midget who has been given a Muppet head to wear. And although the head is a good special-effects construction, I kept wanting to see real eyes and real expressions. The effects didn’t add anything.

(It’s also possible that Ebert was just being way to witty for me.)

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