Here you will find the lyrics to every song and instrumental piece included in The Labyrinth, and a short analysis of what we think each brings to the film.  All Labyrinth soundtrack titles are by David Bowie and composer Trevor Jones. The Labyrinth soundtrack is a delicious example of ’80s Bowie vocals. Maybe it’s because of of the fairly straightforward pop-style, but Bowie’s voice really opens up in these tracks, particularly on Underground and Magic Dance.

Along with appearing in the Labyrinth movie, the songs are also available on the Labyrinth soundtrack album, originally released in 1989.

Sadly, you will not figure out here what the power of voodoo is, especially in regards to a babe.

Well… laugh!

What kind of magic spell to use?

Labyrinth Soundtrack

Opening Titles (Including Underground)

Into The Labyrinth (no lyrics)

Magic Dance

Sarah (no lyrics)

Chilly Down

Hallucination (no lyrics)

As The World Falls Down

The Goblin Battle (no lyrics)

Within You

Thirteen O’Clock (no lyrics)

Home At Last (no lyrics)