Labyrinth Trivia! Facts! Frivia!

  • Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, penned the majority of the script
  • In the original script, the baby had a different name. This was changed because Toby Froud (the baby actor) would only respond to his own name. So, Toby was played by Toby
  • When recording the Magic Dance song for the Labyrinth Soundtrack, the baby wouldn’t provide the necessary coos and giggles. David Bowie ended up making the baby sounds himself!
  • Ambrosius, Sir Didymus’s dog (horse?) is the same dog as Sarah’s, Merlin. In Lady Mary Stewart’s tales of King Arthur, Merlin is called Merlin Ambrosius.
  • Danny John-Jules was the voice for two of the Fire Gang, the dancing red creatures with removable limbs. He is best known as Cat from Red Dwarf.
  • When the gang enters the goblin city, there’s a fountain with several dwarfs peeing into a trough. They look pretty similar to Hoggle’s first appearance on screen:
Pee fountain

Behold the pee fountain

  • There was a Labyrinth game for the Famicom (Japanese NES) and other platforms:

Sarah’s Room.

There are toy versions of many parts of the Labyrinth in Sarah’s room:

Sir Didymius Doll

A stuffed Sir Didymus doll sits on Sarah's dresser

Ludo Doll

We can see a Ludo doll here, as well as a painting of 'the cleaners.'

Fire Gang Doll

A Firey doll on Sarah's dresser (in the end, the wiseman plays with it)

Mini Hoggle

This bookend looks an awful lot like Hoggle! (Also note the fantasy and fairy tale books)

Jareth doll

A Jareth figurine on Sarah's desk

Sarah doll

The Sarah doll wears that same dress that Sarah wears in the masquerade scene.

Labyrinth game

This wooden maze game is called... Labyrinth!

Labyrinth book

The book Sarah reads from is called The Labyrinth

Sarah's Escher print

The Escher poster on Sarah's wall is much like the final scene in the Caste Beyond the Goblin City

Bowie Faces.

There are hidden Jareth faces in a number of scenes. Most folks know about the rock face, seen when Jareth gives a peach to Hoggle, but there are several more:

The Labyrinth - Jareth's face in stone

Hidden Jareth face in the Labyrinth

Early in the movie, right after Sarah leaves the worm.

After the tunnel cleaners scene, Hoggle and Sarah climb a ladder. Just as a rung breaks under Hoggle, he looks down and watches it fall.

A hidden face on the stone floor

The shot after Hoggle and Sarah meet the birdhatted man, who says "It's so stimulating being your hat."

A hidden face in the Labyrinth

Immediately after the scene where Sarah meets Ludo, when the screen cuts to Hoggle muttering about "get through the Labyrinth...."

A face in the Bog of Eternal Stench

On the wall on the Bog of Eternal Stench, when Sarah and Hoggle arrive.

A face in the Labyrinth forest

In the forest, right after the group leaves the Bog of Eternal Stench, but before Sarah is given the peach.