Sir Didymus from The Labyrinth

Sir Didymus is a small dog, possibly a terrier, who guards the bridge past the Bog of Eternal Stench. He has taken an oath never to allow anyone to pass the bridge without his permission. When Sarah and her gang meet Didymus, he fights Ludo – insisting that no one can pass without his permission. So, Sarah asks his permission, and they carry on together.

Greetings fair maiden

Didymus speaks in a kind of reedy English patois, referring to Sarah as “my lady,” and never lets his diminutive size stop him from a challenge. He always tries to prove his bravery and lack of fear, often by attacking much larger opponents.

Sir Didymus is pretty old-fashioned, and his idea of a fun party is cracking out the old scrabble board.

My favorite part of Didymus is when he yaps ferociously. I don’t know why, but it’s always funny when talking dogs bark.Bark - Sir Didymus

Didymus is also a really mysterious character. Who did he make is oath to? Who made him a knight? The only royalty we know of is the Goblin King. So did Didymus betray his royal patron to help Sarah and co?

But that pales in comparison to the bigger question – why does Didymus, a dog, ride another dog?!

This is crazy.

Ambrosius is Sir Didymus’ semi-noble mount, an Old English Sheepdog. He’s not nearly so brave as Didymus, and is often found cowering behind a convenient obstacle. His main interests include food, and hiding.

Right, so. Ambrosius is a dog, and Didymus is a dog. And one rides the other. This is the weirdest part of The Labyrinth to me. Read more on this blog post: When a dog rides a dog.

A dog riding a dog - Sir Didymus and Ambrosius