Sarah with Bowie in The Labyrinth

Sarah’s story and personality comprise the entirely of the Labyrinth. Her fantasy creates and sustains it, and the conflicts within the story reflect the conflicts and change within herself. We could basically put the entire site under this section.

Sarah with The Labyrinth book

The Labyrinth is Sarah’s coming-of-age story, and you can check out our blog post, Puberty and Fertility Themes in The Labyrinth, for more on this.

Anyway, Sarah is a budding thespian, practicing for open air festivals and performances with her dog Merlin. She’s the prototypical teen/pre-teen: grumpy, pouty, a little spoiled, and a lot short on real life experience. Her mantra starts as “it’s not fair!” but this is replaced by a wise acceptance of what it means to grow up and mature.

Jennifer Connelly, aged 15, plays Sarah.

Sarah from The Labyrinth